The Standard E-Juice brand flavor profiles Cell Block Four (CB4)

Inside the trendy packaging CB4 boast a crème bruleé dessert flavor with a slight accent…

Inside the trendy packaging CB4 boast a crème bruleé dessert flavor with a slight accent of citrus. Skyline Vapor’s website boast CB4 as The Standard ejuice most popular product with some spectacular user reviews to accompany it. This sugary vanilla flavor goes beyond a sweet lover’s expectations. F.U.E.S. The Standard’s tribute to Johnny Cash this butterscotch and vanilla custard flavor has reviews claiming a “boozy” taste. Satisfied customers recommend the product for custard lovers. Happy reviews and high ratings place F.U.E.S. at the top the must try list.

Frankenvape This odd combination of kiwi and marshmallows has made this collectable bottle one of the more popular in The Standard collection. Reviews praise this one of a kind flavor for its perfect balance of sweet and citrusy. Irie Nights Brown Sugar boost the rum flavors in this boozy flavor profile. Claims of a fruit undertone are verified in reviews by users. This island flavor design, is reportedly smooth, mild and sweet. Tater Contrary to the name, this products offers the sweet Neapolitan ice cream flavors. User reviews are amazed at The Standard’s ability to accurately produce such distinct ice cream flavors.

Thumper Named for someone special to the Saveurvape Company, the tart and sweet play with your taste buds in perfect balance in this profile. Sweet and tarty, this flavor reminds users of some favorite candies from their younger years leaving them more than happy to embrace those memories. vf_3_pack_Curious Jorge This monkey sporting bottle holds the bananas. Cream and caramel undertones build up this bold banana sensation. Skyline Vapor user’s reviews complement the “smooth” flavor that is so unlike the “candy” style of competitor brands. For real banana flavor give Curious Jorge a go. Dead Man’s Party Making big claims can set one back, this product boast blueberry on the inhale and lemonade on the exhale with an added cream flavor. Reviews say this claim is a bit too much however, the blueberry reportedly shines through fairly well. Fans of the berry variety will be pleased with this mild flavor profile.

G35 Blue cheetah print with a flying bug on the bottle, this tropical mix pulls in all the island flavors. Coconut, pineapple, mango and menthol this combination mimics the island breeze. Perfect for the menthol fans that want to mix it up with some sweetness. Slow Mo Another childhood memory ready to be replayed, this orange creamsicle flavored e-juice is bringing in the citrus. Reviews report more of an orange flavor in this profile that leaves a nice lingering flavor hanging around in your mouth after use.